What is a qCLIP?

Many tasks are routine or repetitive which are tedious to add to a task list, causing it to quickly become cluttered and overwhelming. Too many tasks can lead to an overload of notifications. We try to manage them from memory, but end up forgetting to do them or completing them too late. We need a simple reliable way to remind ourselves of these easy-to-forget tasks before they become a problem.

Meet qCLIP—your digital assistant that provides a simple way to set reminders and forget about them until they are actionable. qCLIP is a Wi-Fi enabled device that comes preloaded with common task intervals (e.g. water the plants each week, change the furnace filter every three months, etc.) and indicates that time is up with a simple red light at the location where the task needs to be completed. In sight and out of mind, qCLIP is a perfect high-tech solution in a low-tech device that’s great for home and office.

Knowing when to complete a task is just as important as knowing that it needs to be done.

How Does a qCLIP Work?

Manage and Customize qCLIPs. Want to monitor and edit your qCLIP countdowns remotely? Need to reset or update the timer on a qCLIP? Through a web-enabled console, you can see and manage all your qCLIPs at a glance. After your qCLIP is set to one of the pre-loaded tasks, you can rename the task and adjust the interval, or create a unique reminder from the web interface. Best of all, one you set up a clip, you can add groups of tasks by room or area.

Create a qCLIP Hub. Some qCLIPs should stay at the location of the task for optimal effectiveness. They have integrated Wi-Fi capabilities, so you can clip them anywhere you’ll notice them. Want to make sure tasks get done at the home of an elderly parent or a rental or vacation home? The Wi-Fi connectedness allows you to monitor all of your qCLIPs from your own home and add or edit them remotely. Attach them to a filing cabinet or refrigerator with the magnet and easily keep track of everything from cars to medications to pet care.

Simple Setup. qCLIPs come pre-programmed with intervals for common tasks. Activate the battery by removing the adhesive strip from the battery casing. Your qCLIP is now on and ready for action! Push the button to scroll through a series of 30+ common tasks or simply select a time or date for the countdown. Then attach the qCLIP in a visible location on or near the correlating item. Now you can relax as the qCLIP counts down the time; you don’t need to take action until the red light blinks. Say goodbye to manually typing tasks into a to-do list!

Sizes & Specifications

Each qCLIP measures roughly 2.41" tall by 1.22" wide by 1.28" thick.

Never worry about having to replace old qCLIPs with future models. All qCLIPs can be updated as long as you own it.

A Wi-Fi module that is used to send and receive task information and commands to and from remote access devices.

Pre-Loaded w/ 30+ Tasks

Wi-Fi Connectivity

Lifetime Software Upgrades

qCLIP's can be managed or customized on a phone or computer. The console allows for setup of custom tasks, creation of task lists, text/email alerts, or links to supplies or advice on task completion.

Internal memory stores common household, vehicle, or work-related task information for single tasks or multiple tasks.

qCLIP Console

Setting Reminder: Furnace Filter


If you’ve got things to do at home, work or on the go, qCLIP can help you know the optimal time to take action! Consider these everyday applications for qCLIP:

garage application

Applications for qCLIP

office application
  • Replace the furnace filter
  • HVAC maintenance
  • Clean air returns and vents
  • Clean gutters
  • Check for insulation leaks
  • Pool maintenance
  • Clean the dryer vent
  • Daily/weekly chores

Resetting qCLIP


Reminders from qCLIP let you know when to take action to prevent fines, fees and costly damage to your home and business.

  • Oil the door spring
  • Check the attic fan
  • Vehicle maintenance
  • Vehicle registration and insurance
  • Sharpen mower blades
  • Winterize engines
  • Spread fertilizer/insecticide


  • File renewal paperwork
  • Pay taxes and bills
  • Water plants
  • Quarterly and yearly reviews
  • Regulatory inspections
  • Project milestones
  • Equipment maintenance

Setting Reminder: Water Plants


qCLIP Application Demos

qCLIP Tasks

qCLIP New Task

App Mockups

qCLIPs Dashboard

App Demo

Product Journey

qCLIP inventor, Michael Jersa, needed a better way to remember important tasks like renewing the tags on his license plates. The paperwork would come in the mail, but quickly get buried and forgotten. After getting pulled over a few times, he ended up in jail because of chronic disorganization. This inconvenient and expensive mistake inspired him to create a product that could break through the constant noise of electronic alerts and give him a visual cue to take action on critical tasks.

From concept to finished product, qCLIP has come a long way. Here’s our journey so far:


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